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Marshmallow Fondant

This is my variation on marshmallow fondant (mmf)…there are a wide variety of recipes for this confection all over the internet.  Feel free to search and compare but this is what I have found to work well.


  • 16 oz. mini marshmallows (any brand, but MUST be miniature marshmallows)
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 3/4 teaspoon flavoring or extract of your choice
  • 2 pounds 10x powdered sugar
  • small amount of shortening (to prevent sticking)
  • large microwaveable bowl (glass is preferred, but plastic works well, too)
  • large mixing spoon or spatula (coat with shortening to avoid a big mess)
  1. apply a thin coat of shortening to the inside of the bowl
  2. place marshmallows and water into the bowl
  3. microwave for 30 seconds; check marshmallows and give a quick stir
  4. microwave for 30 seconds more; check again and stir if necessary to smooth out the mixture. **I normally only need two 30-second intervals in the microwave, you may need a 3rd interval but be careful not to burn your marshmallows.
  5. add flavoring or extracts (at this point, you can also add color to the melted marshmallows if you already have a color choice in mind OR you can leave it white.  generally speaking, you will want to add a little more color than you think you need because the sugar will lighten the color in the end.)
  6. sift 2 cups of sugar over the bowl of melted marshmallow mixture and stir
  7. continue to sift another 2 cups of sugar over the bowl and stir until a thick dough forms
  8. coat your hands with shortening (you can wear gloves but they will also need to be coated with shortening)
  9. at this point, it will depend on the humidity in your home and outside as to how much more sugar your fondant will take. I typically use about 3/4 of a 2 pound bag of sugar to complete the recipe.
  10. continue sifting sugar over the mixture and KNEAD the sugar in like a bread dough.  keep kneading  until the dough is no longer sticky and you can form a ball without the dough collapsing or shrinking down too much.
  11. form the dough into a ball and cover with plastic wrap.  allow the dough to rest overnight on the countertop.

**Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant variation**

add cocoa powder to the powdered sugar while sifting into the melted marshmallow mixture – you can add as little as 1/2 cup or as much as 2 cups, depending on how “chocolatey” you like it…the taste and texture will be similar to soft Tootsie rolls.


2 Responses to "Marshmallow Fondant"

Hi Taka!

Just curious if you have a chocolate fondant recipe? I have been hearing a lot about it on the cake challenges and was wondering if you have worked with it at all.

By the way, thanks for the MMF recipe!!


Hey Lisa! If you scroll all the way down you should see the chocolate variation instructions in this post. Thanks!

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