Sweet Talk

Gum Paste and Fondant

Hints and Advice

Lesson 1 – What to bring to lesson 1

  • When using the Ribbon Cutter Embosser to cut the strips for the bow, be sure to start it on top of the fondant/gum paste blend. If you start it on the mat and try to roll onto the fondant/gum paste blend, it will tend to push the blend and make it bunch up.
  • We use spaghetti inserted into the rose and mum bases as a food-safe handle when we make these flowers. It can be left on the flower and used as a pick to insert into your cake to help secure the flower in place, if desired.
  • When ruffling the carnation petal, move the thin foam close to the edge of the table. This will allow your wrist to hang over the edge of the table and make it easier for you to hold the tool at the proper angle.
  • You may choose to save your bow and use it on your final cake. Store it in a cover container in a cool dry place and it will be ready when you need it.

Lesson 2 – What to bring to lesson 2

  • We suggest applying a thin film of shortening to the gum paste cutters and the cutting wheels of the Ribbon Cutter Embosser to get a cleaner cut.
  • When rolling the gum paste for the Gum Paste Rose, roll it as thin as possible. (You should be able to read through it.) The thinner gum paste will be easier to work with and will create a more lifelike flower. When you think you have rolled the gum paste thin enough, roll it a little more.

Lesson 3 – What to bring to lesson 3

  • Begin thinking about your final cake as you learn these flowers. As you practice at home use the colors that you have chosen for your final cake and you’ll be ahead of the game when you prepare for lesson 4.
  • At home it is a great idea to make flowers like the mum and the carnation in an assembly line style. Apply the first layer of petals to each flower, then come back and apply the second layer of petals, and so forth. This allows the petals to dry a little in between each layer so they hold up better.

Lesson 4 – What to bring to lesson 4

  • When preparing you cake to cover with fondant, try adding a little extra flavoring to the buttercream that you use to ice the cake. Once the cake is covered in fondant the fondant will begin to pick up the flavor of the buttercream.
  • Bring a camera to class with you. It’s fun to take pictures of your classmates and their cakes and you will enjoy the memories every time you look at the pictures.

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