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New Student Hints & Tips

Posted on: June 4, 2010

Here’s some info for all of the new students starting June 7th:

Lesson one contains the fundamentals that are so important for successful cake decorating. Be sure to review this lesson carefully as you prepare for lesson 2. Remember organization is the key to successful baking and decorating. Be sure to assemble and carefully measure all ingredients before you begin to bake your cake or make your icing. If you’re short on time, Wilton’s 4 1/2 pound tub of White Creamy Decorator Icing is the perfect consistency for icing your cakes and cupcakes.

To make the most of lesson 2, arrive a few minutes early and be well prepared. Refer to “Getting Ready for Lesson 2” on page 17 of the Decorating Basics Lesson Plan to be sure you have everything you will need for class. In this lesson you will be preparing your cake for decorating. Be sure that your cake is level and ready to be iced smoothly so you will have a nice flat surface on which to decorate. Your Instructor is there to guide you and answer any questions. As you learn and practice each technique, double check to be sure: you are using the proper consistency icing, you have the proper tip on the decorating bag, you are using the correct bag position and you are using the proper amount of pressure to squeeze the bag. Practice, Practice, Practice…the more you practice the more consistent your decorations will become.

Wilton’s Tube Icings come in a variety of colors and are convenient to use for making the dots in the center of the drop flowers you will make in lesson 3. Simply attach a tip # 3 to the icing tube with a coupler ring to pipe the centers. In this lesson you will be using the Cupcake Nail to ice and decorate cupcakes. A small piece of non-skid mat, or double stick take place inside the nail will help to keep your cupcake in place as you ice and decorate it.

Start planning your Lesson Four cake after lesson 3.  Look in the Project Gallery in the back of the Decorating Basics Lesson Plan or the current Wilton yearbook for ideas to help you plan a cake design.


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