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Posted on: April 3, 2010

Wilton makes a wide variety of icing gel colors, but from time to time you will want to create custom colors that are not sold pre-mixed.  Listed below are popular colors for icing that are not currently available for sale from Wilton but that you can mix on your own with one or more Wilton gel colors. 

Antique Gold        Golden yellow with a very small touch of leaf green.
Apricot                  2 parts orange, 1 part golden yellow.
Aqua                      5 parts sky blue, 1 part leaf green.
Avocado                Use moss green paste OR 4 parts lemon yellow, 1 part leaf green, and a touch of black.
Black                   Black paste color OR royal blue, Christmas red, orange, and lemon yellow
Burgundy           5 parts rose pink, 1 part violet
Chartreuse        6 parts lemon yellow, 1 part leaf green
Copper                1 part golden yellow, 1 part brown, and 1 part Christmas red
Coral                  Creamy peach paste and a touch of pink OR orange and a touch of pink OR    3 parts rose pink and 2 parts lemon yellow
Dusty Rose        2 parts red, 1 part brown.
Flesh                  Add just a hint of copper to white icing OR use light pink with a small amount of brown.
Gold                   10 parts lemon yellow, 3 parts orange, 1 part red.
Grape                 1 part sky blue, 6 parts rose pink.
Gray                  Add just a touch of black to white icing.

Hunter Green        Kelly green with a touch of black.
Ivory                       Use Wilton Ivory paste or mix white icing with the brown vanilla instead of clear vanilla to “discolor” the icing a little.
Jade                        Leaf green, royal blue, and a touch of black.
Lavender               5 parts pink, 1 part violet.
Marigold              Lemon yellow and orange
Maroon                2 parts burgundy, 4 parts red-red.
Mauve                  Touch of burgundy with very little black OR 5 parts rose pink, 2 parts orange, 2 parts red and 2 parts black.
Misty Green        Leaf green, royal blue, and a touch of black.
Moss Green        Moss Green paste OR 2 parts violet and 3 parts lemon yellow
Mulberry            Rose with a touch of royal blue.
Navy Blue           Royal blue and black OR 1 part sky blue and 1 part violet.
Periwinkle        Royal blue and violet.
Plum                  1 part violet with a touch of Christmas red.
Raspberry        Pink and red-red OR 3 parts rose pink and 1 part Christmas red.
Ruby Red          1 part red-red and a touch of black.
Rust                  8 parts orange, 2 parts red-red, and 1 part brown.
Silver               Use gray instead of silver on cakes or purchase silver trims and accessories instead.
Skin tone        See “Flesh” color above.
Teal                  9 parts sky blue with a small amount of lemon yellow.
Turquoise        6 parts sky blue and 1 part lemon yellow.
Warm Gold      Golden yellow with just a touch of brown.

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